An investor is ready to invest 80% if I bring the 20% [HELP]

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Hello Everyone,

I proposed a startup idea to an investor who liked the idea. He's ready to fund 80% of it if I can come up with the other 20% (around £6k). I'm not too kin on a loan (maybe a grant) and was looking to see if anyone would be interested to make this happen or recommend me something or someone.
The reason why I have to come with 20% is to prove that I'm willing to make the business work since the investor is willing to invest at the idea stage. (business plan completed). I'm determined to make this happen and that's why I'm seeking some help.

Thank you to all and have a great day !


  • hodtrusthodtrust Posts: 2subscriber Member
    I need angel investor for my new online payment business ideas,this is a new revolution of payment injection into the new era of global online payment system,

    Mcash Digital Payment system, it has 14 dedicated service channels that covers all global consumers demand why others like PayPal,skrill,webmoney,perfectmoney etc has just 3 or in most cases 2.

    <span>This project is key to the next generation of global online transactions, but I really need a suggestions,thanks everyone!!!</span>
  • Micah at ABFundersMicah at ABFunders Posts: 5subscriber Member
    If you have good credit in the USA, I can help you. Reach out to me at [email protected]
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