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PhilSchuhPhilSchuh subscriber Posts: 4 Member
edited October 2016 in Building A Website That Works
Hello together, I am working on a deck of startup advices and I am looking for feedback on my idea, the website, the design. I went very fast and simple, not sure this is the right way.
I would be very thankful if you could check out my site


and tell me what you think. What can be improved? What is right? What did I do wrong?
Thank you in advance,
best, Phil


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    capocapo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Phil,

    I suggest putting up a site that helps generate leads from people who are interested in your business. Check out convrrt.com its fast and cheap. I can help get you set up within minutes if you would like.
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    eBizEriceBizEric subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hello Phil,

    I like your idea. I have some questions though.

    1. What is on the other side of each card?

    2. Do the cards have any purpose other than just having business quotes on them?

    3. Who is going to read these cards more than once if they don't have any other purpose?

    I would make them into a real deck of playing cards. They'll have more value if they have a function other than just inspirational. I would also lower the price. Nobody is going to pay that much unless the quotes are uniquely available only through your product. I'm guessing that's not the case. Finally, I would investigate including some type of stand that the cards can be placed in when not being actively used in a card game. Something that would allow the cards to be browsed through easily, similar to how a rolodex works. That would add value and allow you charge a premium price.

    The design of the site is fine. However, you should get it on your own domain and pay for hosting to get the Strikingly brand and links off your site.
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    Ankita1234Ankita1234 subscriber Posts: 49 Bronze Level Member
    Nice initiative, But work on a SEO prospectives . You need so much of improvement.
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    HemantkumararyaHemantkumararya subscriber Posts: 5
    The best and easiest way to make a website is join Blogger or wordpress. You should join them for free first at subdomain and then if you think that it's working then you should buy a domain and use it in your free website. That's all you can star with.
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    CentialCential subscriber Posts: 29 Bronze Level Member
    As for me, I just use some Wordpress template for this purpose. The last time I created a website, I used the real estate WP themes for it. It worked really great for me, you will surely like it as well
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    MobilunityMobilunity subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Your website lacks good and catchy design.
    Moreover, the aim of the sidebar on the left is not very clear and it is depicted not properly.
    Is it an MVP? As far as I see your website gets good traffic,
    As soon as you get enough stats to understand that the project can be successful, you have to do UI/UX design as this is the main thing that makes the visitor to stay at your portal.
    You need a good responsive mobile version of the website to get even more traffic.
    I agree that without proper SEO optimization you won't get a lot of website awareness and traffic.
    Thus, SEO is one of the key points you have to implement.
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    CaseyOCaseyO subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    edited November 2016
    As for me, one of the easiest ways to do it is to use a website builder. I have been using Webstarts for different purposes for a long time so far, and it works just perfect for me always. I guess, you should try it out too
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    anushkachhakrabartianushkachhakrabarti subscriber Posts: 219 Silver Level Member
    Wix.com,Weebly,Squarespace,Jimdo are few Drag& Drop Website Builders.These builders are ideal for people who don’t have the time to learn code (life is busy, right?) or don’t have the budget to hire someone to help build a website.
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    DarissaDarissa subscriber Posts: 23
    I think the easiest way to turn to professionals. The cheapest - will do it myself. I found an article with 15 free website creaters, http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/15-best-free-website-builders/ I've seen a couple of examples created on WIX, looks very nice and very convenient. But it is appropriate for simple sites.
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    abdelrhmanabdelrhman subscriber Posts: 35 Bronze Level Member
    Very good design but it's one page as I didn't see any additional pages, just the home page.
    Try to add some pages to add some info to your clients like Contact Us , Pricing and stuff.

    Hope that help
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    Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    Good plan yet it's one page as I didn't see any extra pages, only the landing page.
    Attempt to add a few pages to add some data to your customers like Contact Us , Pricing and stuff.
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    BrianWheelsBrianWheels subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Honestly, it looks like a scam to me. It is very unprofessional looking and it lacks more comprehensive information about the product: what is it, why would I need it, why would I pay $30 for this...
    Also, call to action button goes straight to the PayPal? Realy?
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    Adam JonesAdam Jones subscriber Posts: 124 Silver Level Member
    edited April 2017

    More and more people are creating websites online as a way to express themselves and get in.

    Most people who build their own websites swear by WordPress, which can be relatively easy to use after you’ve become familiar with the general interface and different plugins that can be added to your site. But not everyone is technologically savvy, or has the time and energy to invest in learning how to use website-building tools like WordPress. If the setup, management, and maintenance of a WordPress website is still too much for you to handle, I have some better, easier solutions for you to try.

    There are a lot of options out there, but here are my five favorite website builders. Many of them are free or very affordable, and they are all easy to use. They are designed for the non-tech person in mind, but someone who still wants to have a beautiful, professional-looking website to showcase their small business or portfolio.                                         

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    Dennis L.Dennis L. subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member
    Hi PhilSchuh. Just take a look your website. Your website lack of trust for people to make a purchase from your website.

    Seems like it's a landing page conversion purpose website. I do have some suggestions for you to improve your website for higher conversion rate.

    1. Product

    Your product idea and the product itself are awesome! However, your page has few words talking about it.

    Would you be able to create sections talking about your products such as features, benefits, image showcase, video tutorials?

    2. Customer Services

    Since you are selling the physical products online. People are concerning shippings, return policy, refund policy all this kind of information.

    Your website will get huge trust if you have the shipping, return policy, refund policy information put on the website.

    3. Customer reviews

    Nothing better than a customer endorses your product. Don't hesitate to show your customers reviews on your website.

    4. Payment

    Has a built-in credit card payment gateway almost a standard for any product selling website. So you should have one too.
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