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    I have used and have had many clients ask for referrals. You mentioned that you have done this, but haven't gotten any. Maybe you need to ask a more specific question. For example, call past client Joe.
      remind him who you are and what he liked about the finished product/service.
      ask if your work is still holding up well.
      If not, blow him away by offering to come out and take a look at what needs work. Then, if a small job, do it for free!
        If work holding up, say you're glad to hear it.
        Tell him you're looking to grow your business. Ask if he can think of ONE person that he has talked to in the past week in his neighborhood or at work that is thinking about getting some work done on their house.
        Then ask if he would be willing to give you that person's name and number.
          If yes, thank him and then ask if he'd be willing to give that person a call as soon as you hang up to tell them that he has given their number to you and that you'll be following up for a no-pressure conversation.

          The specificity of asking these questions in this order helps people to envision an actual person they know. When we ask for general things like, "do you have any referrals?" our minds are not able to attach that request to an actual human. When we get specific and ask, "Do you know anyone from home or work (gives their mind a way to scan through home and work conversations) that you have talked to in the past week (limits the time frame that the brain has to search for information) who is thinking about having work done on their house (gives the brain the specific topic to search for)?" our brains do a much better job at coming up with referrals.

          Let me know if this works for you.
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          Offer just one product or service on your home page.
          Reposition your opt-in offer to boost your opt-ins and build a bigger list of loyal subscribers.
          Add impact to your promotions with hover ads.
          Feature different benefits in your headline.
          Add credibility to your copy--and enhance your visitors' trust in you.
          Focus on your site visitors--not yourself.
          Instill urgency in your copy--and convince readers they need to buy now!
          Remove any references to "buying" from the top fold.
          Boost your product's desirability by adding images.
          Grab the attention of "scanners" by changing the formatting and appearance of your copy.
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          Some basic steps you can take to improve your sales performance, reduce your cost of selling, and ensure your survival. Clarify your mission. Break the mission into specific goals. Sell to customer needs. Create and maintain favorable attention. Sell on purpose. Ask, listen, and act.
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          Increasing sales means to increase revenue. To increase sales we need more customers, for more customers we need more visitors and for more visitors we need good traffic on our website. But more traffic does not means that our sales are increasing. Make sure that your visitors are from your targeted and focused audience for this you must improve your conversion rate. Live support for your website increase your clientele up to 50%. Through this you can provide better products or services details to your visitors.
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          you can set results goals (sales per month, the amount per sale, profit per sale, etc.) to measure your progress and track closely. Increase your activity and measure the results. Always assume your prospects with their need and how can you convince them of that need? Emphasize the features of your product or service that reduced costs and solve problems for the customer.
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          Do you live in a big city or a small town?
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          > @LMorgen said:
          > Hi Everyone,
          > I have a small home design and remodeling company. My business has been steady for a while, but I`m really looking for more growth. I`ve tried advertising in newspapers, sending out mailings, "warm" calling possible clients, Google, but nothing is really working. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?

          Try to find potential clients online, maybe instagram or facebook. And try to create inspiring accounts, because you have to motivate people to buy your products
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          The sales profession moves faster than ever today. In the blink of an eye, new competitors emerge, products similar to yours are released, and before you know it, it's a race to the bottom.

          Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance
          1. Clarify your mission.
          2. Break the mission into specific goals.
          3. Sell to customer needs.
          4. Create and maintain favorable attention.
          5. Sell on purpose.
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          I will suggest for Relationship selling which will customer loyal.It's the New ways to increase your sales are always popping up.
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          “Storytellers rule the world.” This is still true today. The person who tells the best story gets the sale. Stories PULL people in. 
          Here are 7 strategies to make 2018 your best sales year ever, even if you just had a record year. Ask yourself this question.
          1) Are you telling a story that makes people share your vision of the future when they work with you?
          2) What is your story of origin?
          What makes you so passionate about what you do?
          What story can you tell so people want to connect with you over time?
          3) What is your company’s story of origin?
          4) What type of story genre are you?
          5) Do you know how to tell a great story?
          6) Are you comfortable with silence?
          7) What is the best way to get rapport?
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          Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. the best way of increasing sales is Increasing the number of leads. Have a look at some strategies to increase your sales:
          Do Social Media Marketing
          Pick the right audience to target
          Learn proper negotiation techniques
          Make customer service a priority
          Leverage your website

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          Social media, SEO, Ad Words, email marketings, influencers... There are many ways to achieve better sales. You can read here (oxyleads.com/blog/b2b-sales/trends-2018/) about the trends of 2018. For me, Instagram stories really boosted my CR.
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          Well if you want to increase your sales, you have to focus on your marketing as it helps you to improve your sales. Social media is an effective way to increase sales you can join multiple groups and your niche audience where you can educate them about your product or services. There are some more techniques like email marketing, SEO helps you to increase your sale now it depends on your marketing strategy to target people and how you are going to attract them. Here i find a helpful article about trends to make you success might be beneficial.

          I'm qualified Software Engineer and Marketer Performing my responsibilities with due professional care and competence. Recently I am working on projects for On Demand industry like ODTap and Cabstartup
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          I've seen businesses small & big alike benefiting immensely from online marketing for lead generation. Small businesses for example when promoted through local SEO techniques worked wonders. In fact, as a marketer that was my first project. Today, after 4 years, that small business gets more than 60% of its business through online channels. And believe it or not, even small local businesses can benefit from a good looking website (branding perspective). 
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