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How to generate more traffic/sales?

LDWESTLDWEST subscriber Posts: 2
My partners and I run a mostly eCommerce business selling unique cell phone and wallet holsters. You can check it out here: www.ldwest.com

My question is, how can we generate more traffic flow with hopes of increasing sales? Instagram is our strongest tool for sales.
We have done multiple Facebook ads and we even have a PR firm working on getting us reviews on a lot of fashion-tech type blogs which have done alright for the ROI but nothing beats Instagram so far.

This is my first eCommerce business and we decided to grow it this way and avoid typical brick and mortar retail business so we can capitalize and monopolize our brand and our patented products since we are the only ones doing this and we're doing pretty well for our first few months now. We launched officially April 2014.
I want to set and hit new sales goals every month but i feel we are plateauing with our reach.

Any ideas, tricks or tips I may be missing?

Thank you,



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