What`s the cheapest shipping service?

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Anybody know which one of these shipping companies  (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, AAE, or EMS)  has the cheapest rates when shipping/receiving something from overseas?
Please help!


  • baxtertea2075baxtertea2075 subscriber Posts: 2
    I am currently using USPS and have been very happy with their prices. Their click and ship is great!! 
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    Well i know this topic is old and my reply is late for this topic but what i have to reply is relevant here. There so many cheap shipping services out there but we don't know if that specific company is trusthworthy and if they have a good reputation because there are some shipping firms provides cheap service but their services is not that good. So for me i recommend International Customs Services, if you dont know ICS is a very well known freight shipping company and has a good reputation, just try and get quotations. Hope this will help.

    International Customs Services Project Shipments and Shipping Firm
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