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What address do you use?

minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
edited November 2015 in Home-Based Businesses
As a home based business I`m never sure what is the best route for a business address.  Should you use your home address?  A PO Box?  Or, should you get a box at a Pak Mail type of store?


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    ayjayayjay subscriber Posts: 7
    For my husband`s business, we use our home address as our actual business address for tax purposes and we receive our biz-related bills there. The business cards and invoices have a PO box listed. It is a pain, and he only checks it when expecting a payment, but I really prefer to keep the home office address confidential. In the past, we had an office location for a different business but still had a couple employees with emotional problems show up at our house after some incidents. They should not have known our address, but one found out our address from his brother who was a meter reader. Yes, you can be found out, but they have to work harder than if you hand them a card with your address on it. In the current business, it`s customers (generally homeowners) who are receiving the PO address. They shouldn`t care either way, and it protects us a little bit. You just never know when people will snap these days of road rage and public shootings at suburban malls.
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I use a Po Box because we have 2 local offices and the Mail service center is right in the middle. It is also close to my home, so it easy to pick up. I have to say, I once used my home address when I was just working at home and I actually had someone stalk me. So I never like to give out my home addresss. I also want to add that we run 3 seperate companies in the 2 local offices here and also the 2 locations in NY and MI. It works for us to have 1 central box.
    stonesledge2/6/2008 3:54 PM
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    aallen520aallen520 subscriber Posts: 0
    I was advised to use a P.O. Box for my business address, and that is what I use.  For me, this helps differentiate the business aspect from the personal.  Also, having my personal address to remain private gives me a sense of security. 
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    MindyLMindyL subscriber Posts: 0
    I use my home address as well. I was actually surprised to see how many of you do the same. We don`t tend to get alot of business mail to our home, so it works for us. I think if I was working with sending and receiving shipments I might rethink it, but for now this works quite well.
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    lbsoclbsoc subscriber Posts: 0
    I started out with a P.O. box, but got tired of looking into a empty box and the long walk to the post office (about a good 20 minute walk one way). Since most of my sales come through the internet, I dropped the P.O. and saved money and time.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Well the word says it "Home Based" business. When I started my business "I was home based" and yes I used to use my home address. Now here is when you shouldn`t use your home address. 1. When you are establishing Business Credit
    2. When applying for a license (some cities have Zoning laws)
    3. When you get a business telephone line other than VOIP.
    I was contemplating a P.O. Box but then again, I don`t want to have to drive to the Post office everyday or every other day..
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    baxtertea2075baxtertea2075 subscriber Posts: 2
    I  have a PO Box as well.  I don`t like the idea of every person that looks at my store having access to  my home address.  I want that seperation of home and business.  I have all of my products and bills shipped to my home address and rarely go to the post office.   So far it is working out well!baxtertea20753/30/2008 5:23 PM
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    SherraSherra subscriber Posts: 0
    I use my home address as my business address.  As of right now it would be difficult to find me without specific directions from me.  Although my neighborhood is just over 4 years old, none of the roads show up on any of the on-line mapping sites.  But, like has been stated before, it depends on your personal situation.  You have to do what you are comfortable with.
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    websuccesstoolswebsuccesstools subscriber Posts: 0
    I was actuallyusing my home address but started using the address and info I got after incorporating my business. Luckily, I don`t get many mailings or anything, but even so, I get mail forwarded to my home address twice a week. I think having the business` address rather than my home address is a lot safer. Also, having a business address rather than a PO Box gives the appearance of a more legit company/business. Not that mine isn`t legit but you understand what I`m trying to say?!
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    SCVS800SCVS800 subscriber Posts: 1
    All of my business is done over email, web, or outside sales so there is no need to even provide a mailing address. The company I distribute for is an established business so I can always direct my customers to them.  My business cards have an email address and a web address. This is all that is necessary to reach me as I have a virtual office system that allows my customers to reach me from anywhere.
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    rookapsrookaps subscriber Posts: 10
    I use my home address. 
    I have found too that some folks are a little uneasy about a post office box when they are not sure you are a legitimate business.
    It`s definitely an exposure that is not the most comfortable situation, but with sites like Google Earth and others revealing so much that would previously have been private.... it doesn`t seem to matter anymore.
    Besides, we previously had a post office box, but being in Cleveland, it is a pain to drive to the post office in the wintertime to get mail!
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    CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    I`m with all the folks for an address rather than a PO Box.  Seems more permanent.  I live in a high rise with a doorman so don`t have to worry about deliveries left on a doorstep or a disgruntled anyone knocking at my door.  If I were in a single family home though, I can certainly understand why some folks would opt for the PO Box.
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    RebeckaRebecka subscriber Posts: 0
    I use a PO Box and my home address. I list my PO Box online, but I have my home address on my business cards under "mailing address". I prefer to have most client deliverable sent directly to the house so I know immediately when it comes in. I only live a 1/2 block away from the Post Office, but it seems that I get a lot of damaged mail in my PO Box.
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    jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    When it comes to business mailing purposes, it is always good to use business addresss, not a home address unless otherwise you both use them. http://www.digitekprinting.com/booklets-black-white
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    StartupCoachStartupCoach subscriber Posts: 0
    The only problem with a PO Box is that sometimes it's hard to establish trust with a client. After all, the client often is giving you their address. I personally am always leery of a small business with a PO Box, as it will be very hard to track someone down if there is a problem.

    If you don't want to use your home addess, consider a virtual office. They usually have physical street addresses, and some will forward mail to you so you don't physically need to go there.
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