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Hello Everyone,I recently joined the forum and so far I really liked the activity.  Everyone has been so helpful and positive.  I joined the group to share some of my knowledge but most importantly to gain knowledge from everyone as well.I am a life-long learner and from what I have seen we have a mixed bag of experts and newbies which makes for a great place to belong.  I own a few businesses in different phases and different fields.  One is in the field of real estate investing and the other exploring the world of web-based pre-paid video messaging.My current project in the making is restaurant business.  It`s in its conceptual stage that we are planning to launch in the first quarter of next year. I`ve been out of the "grind stone" since 2005 and have no desire of looking back.I am a firm believer of hard work, persistence, and entrepreneurial spirit that when blended together equals a great deal of freedom and success. See you all in the forums!LT


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