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scrappyscrappy subscriber Posts: 8
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Ok... I was told about this site and I submitted a `free` article as a test... has anyone heard of this? and if so, is it worth sumitting?</A>
Thanks Marcy


  • VickiJVickiJ subscriber Posts: 6
    I have no experience with it and I could be wrong, but it looks to me like one of those places that send out news releases to every publication under the sun - which are basically spam and just get deleted. They are annoying to newspaper editors (like me). You`re far better off developing a list of the publications your target customers read. Send your article to those publications - addressed to a specific person. They are much more likely to be read and taken seriously if you`ve taken the time to identify the right editor at a publication and write a cover letter introducing yourself. If you don`t know the right person, say so in the letter and choose someone. He or she will likely forward it to the right person if it isn`t generic. And, of course, make sure the articles you submit are newsworthy.
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