business line of credit or no pg funding

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I am seeking funding or loan,, I seen several sites on craiglist and numberous classified sites. stated we can get you funded through LLC or business lines of credit,
I want to know anyone who has got funded through this method. does it work? is this a scam? if you got funded how did u do it?  any info is greatly appreciated


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    Go to and look in the business credit section. You will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about business credit and what you need to do to get it.
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    I`ve been working (for the past 9 years) with entrepreneurs who are seeking funding and here is what I know:
    1. I have yet to meet anyone who has actually received a loan (cash) by buying a shelf corporation.
    2. I haven`t met anyone who has built their corporate credit in 6 months to get a loan.
    3. The (legitimate) lenders that I know will not (don`t) provide a loan to a corporation (or llc) which has little operating history (revenues and profits) without knowing something about the owners - and that means at least looking at their personal credit history.  Also, to most of them a Paydex score has limited impact in their lending decision.
    4. Whether a lender will insist on a personal guarantee depends upon several factors starting with the financial "strength" of the company. Unless it`s an SBA loan -where the request for a PG is virtually automatic.
    How much capital are you trying to acquire?
     robertj2009-5-27 10:14:45
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    wow. ok that very funny there A section in this website helping someone or group how to incorporate your business.aka shelf or llc like so many ads or claims is it there. I ran into a 50 or more sites claiming the same thing. one even teaching in person or over conference calling to get starting , I was hoping some feedback on anyone else in this forum who have attempted and or recieved funding. I hoping for more but so far thanks for those who replied
    I am a business owner for  over 10 years. I have recieved funding from prosper and sba,. home equity loan, and just doing my research
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    If your business has been around for 10 years, it should have enough "performance history" to qualify for a loan.
    I hope your research provides you the info you seek. If you`d like to discuss your specific situation (in confidence) send me a pm or contact me directly
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