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    So people forget the second part of "there`s a sucker born every minute..."
    "and two to take advantage of him".  So it goes.
    Harvey is apparently successful with toy-type of invention.  He sells himself very well.  That`s the secret of most consultants, as they say, are the one who borrow your watch to tell you what time it is, and send you a bill for it.
    Pilgrim, you`re may be right about me having my plate full, and Harvey doesn`t.  He works in low tech areas that takes little work, whereas I work in high tech.  But mind you that I have low tech inventions too, but applied to big-ticket items, like solar energy systems.  I`m just very green, and love it.
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    Hello, again.  Congratulations on the 1st place recognition for your one step converter design.  Your credentials appear very impressive, particularly in high tech.  I`m wondering why you seem so critical of Harvey.  He was kind enough to speak to me in person, once.  I really only know what I read in his book;  I don`t know what ideas he`s backed and or succeeded with.  I only know that he presented my money`s worth in the book, including techniques and methodology for approaching companies oneself.  You seem pretty harsh toward him, though I can`t really speak for or against him.  I only know it was worth $185 just to hear from a hopefully honest professional is the business regarding my idea; or, at least I hope it shall prove worthwhile.  I`m a poor writer, so even that amount is hard to part with.  At the very least, Harvey helped me drop the chasing after expensive patents etc.,etc. and focus on the licensing idea (never occurred to me) as a more reasonable approach to going forward.  Makes alot of sense to me.  My name is Bill.  My phone is 303 378 0109 
    Pilgrim4/20/2008 1:52 AM
  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    I`m not critical of Harvey, just share my insights about inventions and "invention promotion" firms.
    I remember I corresponded with Harvey once.  He does well getting paid for screening ideas sent to him, and from his 40% cut of royalties for the few ideas that he helps sell license for.  He`s even honest about NOT dealing with high-tech products because he`s not qualified for them.
    No I don`t do licensing deals for toys but I do manufacture simple devices and sell them.  My specialty is simplification of many things I see as "high entropy" or simply said, too complicated for the job.
    You may have read about my cost-reduction in solar PV installations, but can`t figure out how I do it.  We`re going to franchise my system to major PV installers.
    I don`t need to know about your invention but I`m curious - naturally, and my many connections could help me helping you.  VIPs email me all the times.  Even the ambassador of Vietnam wanted to see me at his luncheon but I refused because I don`t want to spend such a time for his pleasure.
    So if you want to hear my opinion, email me for an NDA as you should always with strangers before showing me something.  I don`t do it for money but for fun.  Maybe I shouldn`t.  But I still post a lot here, as entertainment I guess.  That`s easier than tackling a major project late at night.
    I hope you benefit from Harvey`s book.  I did pay for one from Dave Barbarich, who now becomes full-time scammer.  His invention was "finger-tip soldering iron" I haven`t seen anywhere.  To me DAve was a small-time inventor turned "scammer of inventors".  I hate such people.  He owns "Invention Publishing Corp" and many other scamming firms.  An example of people drawn into the dark side because of greed for money.
    Edit: I googled "invention publishing" and found them as first link.Innovator74/20/2008 2:33 AM
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    Dear Tran,
    I have only Reese Associates NDA.  Why don`t you call when its convenient.
    PS My favorite brother`s name is Vu. Stepmom was Le Tran Hoover (Passed now.)
    Doesn`t really mean anything.  Nice to be thinking of them though. 
    My email is [email protected]
    Pilgrim4/20/2008 4:51 AM
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    Sorry guys, but you can`t charge license fees for an idea, only for a patented idea.  It is completely legal for anyone to copy your invention once they see it manufactured, unless you have patented it.  They cannot use your Trademark name for the item, but you have no leverage to extract a license fee unless you have patented the invention. 
    So sending your ideas off to these "idea evaluation" companies is guaranteed to separate you from your $185, but if the idea is actually a good one, you have also probably lost any ability to license it to anyone, unless you have already obtained your patent.
    Don`t be fooled.  Generally, the only way to make real money is to start a real company.  You can`t just come up with ideas and sit around and collect the royalty checks.
    If you have a good idea, a prototype, and a business plan, you can seek funding from angel investors and such, but they won`t charge you a scam "evaluation fee".  Any time you see this type of fee, run screaming away!
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    While that would seem to be true, and is possibly so. Harvey`s book proclaims that one CAN get a contract to license, and that the company who needs the idea will pay for the patent in your name as part of the contract to use the idea.  If I recall, there are safeguards to protect the idea, even if not patented.  Harvey explains these themes in detail in his book: How To License Your Million Dollar Idea.  Until his proclaimations and assertions and methodology are specifically affirmed or credibly discounted, I think it only fair to say I think Harvey`s probably correct---especially if handled as described in his book.
    On the other hand, he gives very credible information regarding the difficulties and expenses involved in gaining the patent(s) and then still having to find manufacturers, etc.  Harvey does warrant that the smarter way is to get the companies to arrange for the patents in your name, which can be done according to his method of establishing oneself as the source of the idea.  I`m sorry I can`t recollect the specifics--but do recall it made sense and seemed the smarter and cheaper way to go, by far.
    His book is remarkable, even if it all about bringing in clients for "condidering your idea".  $185 is alot for many or most beginning inventors.  Seemed a good first step, considering other first options.
    Pilgrim4/22/2008 9:46 PM
  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    I have to say that I agree with Gary.  Unless of course you licensed the Beanie Baby, the Chia Pet, The Garden Weasel, or just about any product that you see Billy Mays pushing on TV.  These people have all made a very, very healthy living for themselves.  They all have patent issued though! 
    Just my two cents....Trent
  • SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Many times with a "promotion" company (which this seems like), you can google their name, and some other tags:
    NAME fraud
    NAME disclosure (some invention promotion companies a legally required to disclose how many customers have made more money then their initial investment into the NAME company)
    NAME success.
    I just initially found this:http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/1 ... 161569.htm
    Evaluation of a product is worthless if a company cannot provide salient advice as to how to PROCEED next.
    Move forward with caution.
    Some resources which may help you out...http://www.marketingsource.com/articles/view/3338http://bart.tcc.virginia.edu/InventionA ... poHome.htmDesignMyIdea6/12/2008 5:04 PM
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    I am a new inventor I seeking grant money for my inventions does this happens. I have tried these new start up company`s I am taking HSN or QVC they are talking trade shows i in need of an manufactor not a trade show never the less to mention thier price is costly for a working class person
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    I am going to seek as much help as possiable but I am not paying for a dream been there done that. I have lost money mean while I refuse to allow someone to take advantage of me sharing knowledge with someone should not cost It`s hard enough to get your ideal out there I am taking the safe route.  
    1dayu26/23/2008 3:04 AM
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    Thanks for your advise Tiger I jus notice you has replied to me I think I am headed in the right direction I will stay intouch.
    1dayu26/23/2008 3:11 AM
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    I have submitted my product and am awaiting my response.  I will be happy to share with everyone once I receive my results.  Of course my expectation is to be licensed in no time!!  We are confident of the product, but I hope Mr Reese is too!  Stay tuned.
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    I have submitted my product and am awaiting my response.  I will be happy to share with everyone once I receive my results.  Of course my expectation is to be licensed in no time!!  We are confident of the product, but I hope Mr Reese is too!  Stay tuned.

    Ideaguy17, is your idea patented?  Or at least "patent pending"?  If not, I think you have zero chance of this guy "licensing" your idea.  If it`s really good, he`ll just produce it himself - there is no legal requirement for him to pay you for an idea.  If it`s not really good, I hope you get $185 worth of feedback to help you improve it...
    Looking forward to hearing about the response that you get!
  • ideaguy17ideaguy17 subscriber Posts: 0
    Well,  I did receive my reply as promised in about 3 weeks.  "SHOCKER"!   I did not get the licensing deal.  I don`t think it was a total waste of the $185, but I did see several of the same boilerplate comments that others have posted in their blogs about the reply they received.  He seems to have a good system in place to make the submitter feel like they got their money`s worth.  that is why people continue to submit.  I don`t think I will do it again. My idea is not "patentable" but it is copyrighted and protected as much as possible.  He gave me feedback on the ability to market it myself vs. licensing it to a manufacturer. Both were mediocre chances according to Harvey.  It is good to get this from an outside source, and I am going to prove him wrong.  As always, take the negative to a positive level.  I will consider this a setup for my success.  Good luck to all that obtain these services.  From what I can see, all he licences is Dollar store novelties that are the bulk of the crap that America buys and discards.  That is a good market to enter if you have the stomach for creating crap.  There is definitely good money in it though!! 
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