Selling Tips That Work for Women

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I`ve found a few little things that I say in a selling situation can really help to move the conversation forward in a positive way - and these statements and questions don`t seem hackneyed or pushy. Of course you have to judge when is the appropriate time to say them - and it has to come from a sincere and authentic place inside you. But if you feel a little tongue-tied in selling situations and don`t know what to say - these simple sentences can help a great deal."I`d love to work with you.""Yes, I really believe I can help you.""When would you like to get started?""Does that make sense to you?""Does that sound fair to you?""Let`s get started, okay?""Help is on the way."When the customer has said yes: "You`ve made the right decision and I`m going to help you."
My friend Althea, a very successful Realtor says one of her favorite things to say is, "Press hard.  There are four copies."Next time you`re in a selling situation - give these simple sentences a try. Oh, and when you ask a question - be quiet. Don`t go rambling on. Give the person time to think and reply. Yes, that silence for a few seconds is uncomfortable - but it can make the difference between getting a new customer and not getting one.All the best,Denise MichaelsAuthor, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"
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  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    Sure - that would make sense.  However over the last five years I`ve mentored over 1,200 people in marketing - about half of them women and asking "closing questions" like this is incredibly difficult for most of them and then to add a little gasoline to the fire is the fact that most things related to selling and marketing were developed by "testosterone-heavy" guys and they really are different and communicate differently than we do. 
    So one of the big things a lot of women need to get past first is to realize that it`s okay to ask.  You`re supposed to ask.  This is business.  You`re not waiting for a date to the prom. Yet women were taught not to ask - for anything. That was considered "not nice." 
    While you may pooh-pooh the idea of having some gentle, easy questions in the back of your mind to ask - my experience and the sales of thousands of copies of my book has taught me that things aren`t always as simple as they seem. 
    All the best,
    Denise Michaels, Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"
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