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I am starting a new business and would like to know how other business owners do their marketing. I have set up a survey with surveymonkey, its only 10 questions, and would appreciate your help. Thanks ... owvg_3d_3d


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    Thank you Heather, I will try and see if I can modify the questions so that they make better sense. For that question what I am trying to find out is what you think (as a startup) is a fair price for a logo. I would guess if your logo provider charged you 100 grand you wouldn`t pay it even if it was exactly what you needed. This is a startup forum and people around here typically don`t have a lot of money to spend on these types of marketing materials. So are startups sacrificing quality to get a good deal? I have talked with lots of startups and they typically try and do it themselves because they can`t or don`t want to pay the $1000+ but its at the sacrifice of their branding. I have come across sites like Crowdspring and 99designs and wonder why startups wouldn`t use a service like these.
    - Chris
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    Great points, I appreciate the feedback. I don`t like putting a price on things either but at some point I have to make a decision on the breaking point. I remember when I started my first company I didn`t know anything about marketing or branding. I had a certain budget allocated to marketing and I didn`t have the money to hire a marketer at that point so I relied on myself to do a lot of it. In that instance I chose price over quality. I guess my question to anyone else reading this is; what have you done in that situation? Did you increase your marketing budget and take away from other things you needed or did you find a way to stay cheap. Did you get what you wanted?
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