What are your small business public relations issues?



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    As a new business I have been searching high and low for a small boutique PR firm to help me with general marketing, media pitching and press releases.   Kristen -Have you researched independent PR professionals or one-person firms?  Here in Portland I`ve worked with, or come in contact with, many independent PR people who work with clients on an hourly or project basis.The Canadian Public Relations Society/Vancouver, local small business organizations, or local/regional groups supporting women in business should be able to provide you some valuable resources.Good luck! - J.
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    Hi Steve,
    Congratulations! That`s great news! What a wonderful feeling!
    And just a word of advice...you may not want to get too excited about an interview or promote it until you actually see it in print. Sometimes editors bump stories due to "big news" coming out, or other reasons you have no control over. However, when the story does come out, you can really jump for joy!
    Congrats again Steve! Getting the interview (and photo session) is a big accomplishment!
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    I know, I won`t count my publicity before it`s hatched.

    It`s just that entrepreneurship seems to be a series of small steps
    with small rewards that add up to big steps and eventually culminate in
    some big rewards. In this case, the sense of hope that resulted from
    simply setting up an appointment for an interview and briefly telling
    the reporter a bit about our business is the reward that will motivate
    me to make the time (not find the time), and develop the skills needed
    to make PR a key part of our business success.

    I also wanted to share this small victory because I`m learning that
    most things are not as difficult as we make them out to be, once we get
    over the hurdle of actually trying.

    I`ve heard it said, "before you`ll ever learn to do something well, you
    have to be willing to do it badly." I suspect that is a source for many
    entrepreneur`s difficulty. We want to do everything right the first
    time. We`ve forgotten that as babies we had to crawl before we could
    walk, and at the time just crawling was an accomplishment.
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    Hi Steve,
    You have a wonderful attitude towards entrepreneurship, and I have the feeling you will be very successful! Let me know how things work out with your article and PR efforts.
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