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If you owned a building (current business that occupies the building is closing) and WALMART was opening its doors across the street in a previously unoccupied area (along with 12-14 small shops), what type of business would you start?
Here are the considerations:
1. Money is a non-factor2. Building is fairly large (10,000) square feet3. Building is on the corner of a busy intersection (about to get much busier)
Very much appreciate your time and consideration!


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    Gas station with an on-site car wash and convenience store.I don`t know what they are called but kids under 12 go to these places for birthday parties - they have a huge warehouse type of space with gymnastics equipment, rock climbing, inflatables, jungle gym, and a lot of cars and things for preschoolers. Always PACKED and the demographic would be the same as Wal-Mart shoppers IMHO.
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    That is one thing I forgot to mention.4.  No restaurants or nightclubs.I really like the Jungle Gym idea, it would be a perfect place for exposure, but not a place you could leave your kids, you would most likely come back at a later date.
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    Open a well done "flea mall"...
    Have small-time flea market vendors selling everything under the sun. Make your bux renting space and display stuff to them... and make a darn sure to keep the food & beverages concession for yourself! Be open 4 days EVERY week... minimum.
    Screen your vendors merchandise offerings to limit duplication and selling the same stuff Wally`s does, unless the vendor has a more extensive, expanded line than does what Old Sam`s kidz want to offer up. 
    Note for your vendors: Make sure they are prepared to shift their merchandise offerings - as WM has the nasty habit of selling what seems to be selling well locally, regardless what the parent chain provides.
    This is also a hint about what to try to get into the WM stores locally too... if you happen to do wholesale.. and can tolerate WM`s buying policies.
    Bon Chance!
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    Indoor Skateboarding park.  There is one near my house.  It is packed in the winter.  They also sell and repair skateboards, and give lessons! 
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    Physical activity places.... WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for public liability insurance. If you want to do this, get a GREAT trial attorney, because you`ll end up needing one!
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    Furniture rental center.
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    I agree with a previous post: a scrapbooking supply store. My wife and all her girlfriends are nuts about that stuff. One of their favorite shopping destinations is the local scrapbooking store where they drop big bucks over time!
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