Would the lotto change everything?

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If you won the lotto - or had cash fall out of the sky from whatever source - would that change your entrepreneurial dream?  Would you do something completely different from the path you`re on now, or would you still have the same dream only perhaps with modifications?


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    Very intriguing question. Coincidentally, that is exactly the question I asked myself before I, at long last, embarked on my plan to open my own photography business. I was at the proverbial crossroads in my life (the kids are all but grown up, so mom needs to reassert her own identity) and wanted to make sure I pursued something meaningful and befitting my character. After many unsatisfactory years spent in the business and legal world, I finally realized that if I had all the money in the world I would travel, take photographs and write.
    And, voila`, that`s what I am doing. Of course, I don`t get to travel as much as I would like to just yet. My kids are still in school, and my husband works 10+ hours days. But, we do travel whenever possible, and I am knee deep in photography and writing - just the way I like it!
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    I worked for a small restaurant chain years ago and there was a guy who owned a small dairy who delivered the milk each week.  He won the lottery, and we expected to never see him again, but there he was the next week, delivering the milk.  I don`t know what changes he made in other aspects of his life, but business carried on as usual.  I always thought that was interesting - he clearly didn`t go crazy with the money.
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    Maybe even start a cereal by that name.
    What do you think? Sugar coated shapes of ammo with marshmallow hand grenades?LOL!  I have a friend who has a Persian rug that most people don`t give a second thought to - it just registers as an oriental carpet and they don`t stop to contemplate the shapes in it.  But it`s actually made up of tanks and missiles and the like...  (He`s in the aerospace industry and picked it up somewhere along the line).  So I`ll believe shapes of ammo...
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