how far ahead are monthly glossy magazines sent to printers?

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For example, is the December issue of Oprah already finished, and at the printers?


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    Some of the magazines for which I write are in production up to six months in advance.  One has already sent me a copy of the printed December issue.It does depend on the publication, its size and the market in which it is produced.  I design ads for clients with placement in several regional magazines and their print deadlines are about 90 days before release of the issue.- J.
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    I can only speak for what I've experienced personally. I run ads in multiple large magazines and ad materials are usually due, at the latest, almost 3 weeks before the issue gets mailed out. Sure, the editors may be working on the stories for the next 6 months but these thing aren't being printed 4 months in advanced, they get printed a few weeks ahead, if that.
    For example, here is the advertising schedule for one of the magazines I'm running ads in right now.
    August IssueAd Materials are due 7/18Mail Date 8/6
    I can't say if this is how they all work but this is a major publication so I can only assume others are similar. Hopefully that helps?
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