Help me with a slogan? Please

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We`re starting a health related web service that can be used by anyone, even people without a computer. We have the makings of a primary slogan, but it needs considerable help. The rough idea is:
   If you’re breathing, you can use HealthMe. (Not the real name)
This is the kind of context where it would be used:
If you’re breathing, you can use HealthMe. Who can use HealthMe?
·   The elderly
·   People without a computer
·   The computer literate
·   Your mother
·   The physically challenged
·   Travelers
·   Shut ins
·   Martians
I’m sure you get the idea. Unfortunately, as much as I like the humor, we probably can’t use “If you’re breathing…” The message would stand out, but we’re probably more limited to something along the lines of “If you can use a phone…” The problem with “…phone…” is that it is somewhat misleading in that it sets phones up as the primary interface. I don’t want our users to have that mentality.
All suggestions are appreciated.


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    What about... "If you can remember our name, you can use HealthMe"
    I guess I would want to know how do customers find you?
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    Hi Kawinaorg!
    I like the concept and the "breathing" reference, but I`m a little over the top, so I`m not sure I`d take my advise.  I actually like one better... "HealthMe... If you`re alive, then we can help!"  Okay, so maybe too much Merlot tonight, but I like the direction you`re going.  "HealthMe... so simple even a caveman can use it"  Ooops, so sorry, that one`s already taken.  Hmmmm... I`m not being much help this evening.  I like the premise though and can`t wait to hear more
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    Marisa, Leslie, kywomanjt, Janie and Craig - Thanks so much for your input.
    "Caveman", just brilliant! Curses on you Geico.
    So far I like "alive" best. I think Merlot may have been the problem, but only because it`s not strong enough. It`s time to break out the gin or vodka. Please keep those ideas coming.
    What`s the fundamental idea behind this business?
    What 1 thing led to that burst of excitement when you said, "Oh Wow!
    THIS would be a totally cool business for me!"
    The burst of excitement was the prospect of making big bucks. Seriously though, good question, but I can`t reveal too much at this stage for the same reason that I didn`t use the real name. The initial idea was somewhat different and solved a different problem. The model that we`ll be launching with is based on a series of incremental changes. The one thing all of the changes have in common is the simplicity and universal utility.
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