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I am a newbie to this site and am looking for some ideas from you all! My husband and I are in the beginning stages of opening a pet store. There has been a pet store here in town for as long as I can remember and just recently have announced they are closing at the end of the month. Both my husband and I have 2+ years experience in the pet store environment so we want to take on the new responsibility! Now, what I need from you guys is opinions on the name I picked out...Wildly Tame Pets and Supplies. Also, I am stuck for a slogan and signage. I want it to point to the fact that we carry wild/exotic pets that are tame...I would use better english than that of course but if u can help me out with some neat ideas. I am all about unique an fun!!  Thank you.


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    Thnx guys for the input! I will try that for the slogan. I found a neat font that looks like claw marks and used that for the Wildly alog with the claw shred marks and then i am just gonna do a regular font for Tame with maybe dog prints,cat prints next to it. It sounds busy but i did bring it up on my printmaster program an it doesnt look too bad. If u can picture it, what do u think?? lol 
    As fer the food, yes, that is what we will be supplying. We are going to be carrying Nutrience as well as a brand called Horizon. Both being organic and extremely nutritional. After having a ton of requests and it being the biggest word of advice I have decided to have a groomer in the store. So now i gotta train myself as well as another employee that. Well thanx again! an i will try that sight.
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    I think miniature pigs have a potential market.
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