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hi im thinking about opening a bussiness something to do with kids like a consignment shop for kids cloths and i wont to know if anyone knows if this is a successfull knew to this and i needed to talk to someone that may have some suggestions,or ideas.


  • robertjrobertj Tampa Bay, Floridasubscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I don`t have enough information to make even a guess at the possibility of success. There are several examples of successful consignment retail shops. In your case, because of a low price per item - you may have a challenge keeping track. In the category of used clothes, you would be "competing" with Goodwill and other donation stores. I would suggest doing some basic financial projections to see how they look.
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    Yep, me too Nikole! 
    Regan123, since you are new to the retail game and you already know the niche you`re after, would it be better for you maybe look into an already successful franchise that fills that niche?  Something like</A> might be worth looking into.  That`s where I shop.  Just a thought.
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