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I am an aspiring entrepreneur, I have created a new appearal product and have started the patent process. I wanted to produced it locally and have talked to a few sewing contractors, all have suggested that to produce it at a low cost to me, I really needed to go overseas to China or go to Mexico. What is the best way to research manufacturers oversea`s to get this process started. I have a prototype made and could easy make a pattern up for them, just don`t know where to start.


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    I had FANTASTIC luck with my local World Trade Center.  (I`m in SC so the SCWTC was the key to my overseas manufacturing)  There are also some great sourcing agents out there (maybe even part of our SuN community who could help)  I`m sure you will some great answers here.  Just be prepared as the minimums are high.  If you need to start small then I would suggest looking domestically on</A> until you have the numbers to support going overseas.
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    Thanks for all the info. - the problem I am finding with domestic manufacturers is that all they produce is industrial product and do not work with anything in a cotton broadcloth which I need. I prefer to work with someone  in the states  until my business can support a higher quantity demand. Was considering QVC`s Oprah`s Next Big Idea until I realized that I could not find a supplier for my product in a timely fashion. Thanks again for the your suggestions, I will look further into staying in the states and hopefully find a manufacturer who can product my product. I look forward to many more discussions in hopes that I can get my ducks in a row before jumping into the big entrepreneur pond.
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