Free Ebook for everyone

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I`ve been giving away my ebook for anyone who is interested. You can grab a copy at http://www.mindovermarketer.comenjoy!


  • temcmm99temcmm99 subscriber Posts: 0
    Can yor tell other method how I obtain this e-book, your link not open in my IE
  • larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    i just double checked the link, it`s works fine for me in either IE or Firefox
  • larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    There is a follow up ebook/manual which gives a nice step-by-step guide on how to create an info product. I have the book done, I`m just waiting on the site to get it launched, Hopefully within the next week it will all be finished. As far as seminars go, I`m actually putting together a seminar for MADD(Mothers against drunk driving) which will support the cause and give some Interenet training to those who seek it. It should be pretty fun, I have that set for sometime in July.
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