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Congrats to Kim Banks and her company The Pet Set!
Kim probably wouldn`t tell us about this but I ran across this PR this evening on her and her company. Kudos - well done. Hope you have a successful show, Kim!</A>
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    Kim asked me privately how I ran across her PR. Instead of replying privately, I decided to post my reply for all. I have discussed this before on this forum, but since we have added a great number of new members since then, it is worth repeating.
    I use several news services to "push" info to me on subjects I am interested in. Kim knows I am not in the gift or pet industry, so why would I monitor them? Actually, I have a couple of pet toy ideas that are on the middle burners percolating. So, a few years ago, I set up a news alert on Google news to feed "pet industry" news to my email box. I follow that industry along with many others I have an interest in. Low and behold, in a Google news alert last night, there`s the PR on Kim and Pet Set. Magic (not really).
    Anyone can set up a Google news alert at</A> on any subject. Keep in mind, the broader the key words, the broader the search results. It can become overwhelming - just set your prefrences to how often you want the news sent to you. It`s a great way to have info pushed to you so you can keep up with what is going on in your selected fields of interest.
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    PS - One more thing. I also thought that Kim`s PR is a shinning example of how one can get free publicity through the online PR distribution services. Sharing examples of success helps everyone here at SuN. 
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    Hi Kim
    Very impressive, I must say!
    Good for you

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    Excellent, Kim! You`re inspirational. Did you write that yourself or did they write it for you? How does it work?
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    Way 2 go, Kim!  Awesome!
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