Joint Venture

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Is it possible to own two separate business entities which consist a non profit and a for profit; and joint venture them together?


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    I want to benefit from both structures such as:Non Profit:(Community Benefit with the assistance of the For Profit entity)Donation Fund RaisingCharityFunding- Grants, Federal, State, local, and other organizationsTax benefitsSurplus-Excess funds to reinvest in the companies growthPostage benefitsFor Profit:(Will provide assistance to the non profit more efficiently with the shared capabilities)Distribute earnings to
    owners,shareholders and/or reinvest in the company.
    By forming a Joint Venture Both entities will work in conjunction with each other to achieve the same objective with the benefit of combine resources, and capabilities.
    I currently own a for profit entity with three other partners and looking to branch off and create a new venture with more flexibility and creativity to surpass the economy.
    Thanks Epauley for your response.
     I`m looking forward to hear your inputs.
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