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Please critique the website.http://www.samepageinfosol.comThanksTom


  • NuevolutionNuevolution Posts: 30subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I am assuming you`re not a professional web designer, so I`m going to go lightly on you... After visiting your web site, there was nothing on the front page that captivated me to read your content... There are not attention grabbers, or anything that would make me want to read your content. I had to force myself to read your front page for the sake of this conversation.
    I don`t know what it is about the design but it`s not inviting it is very dull and boring... I have a good suggestion for you... if this was a home made web site? hire a professional that will give you a good presentation and a good web site.
  • VideographyVideography Posts: 6subscriber
    I like the basic design and clean pages.  The copywriting needs some help, though.  There`s too much text written in the passive voice.  Be more aggressive in describing the benefits of your services.
  • vwebworldvwebworld Posts: 40subscriber
    The flash banner on the home should stop after it plays once.
    Watch the file sizes for your images, some are over 90 and 100K!
    Are you in India? Are your services provided by people in India?
    I see you have a CA and India contact information.
    If you are in India, that should be disclosed as it will impact people`s decision
    or at least allow them to ask about how they work with you.
    vwebworld1/12/2009 3:54 PM
  • sbuckinghamssbuckinghams Posts: 9subscriber
    Hi samepage,
    i like the simple, not too cluttered design. But like some other guys said, copywriting needs some work, there is nothing attention catching on the front page.
    sbuckinghams1/17/2009 4:40 PM
  • shopgreatonlineshopgreatonline Posts: 0subscriber
    please critique my website

    don`t be shy!
  • JannMirchJannMirch Posts: 0subscriber
    Good suggestions above.
    I agree that the over "clean" look is something to build on.
    It may be worthwhile to hire a professional web content copywriter to tighten up the language. You want to keep the paragraph size to a minimum and add some headers and lists to guide the eye through the content. Most web readers skim, rather than read so bear that in mind.
    On your services and products pages, you might want to consider adding a list up top so readers know what`s on the page. As it is now, if readers don`t scroll - and many people won`t - they will miss some of your services/products.
    Again, full disclosure about your location and how you work with clients is crucial. Building trust is essential to turn traffic into sales.
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