Google`s Free Local Business Referrals Program

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I often forget that not all start ups are like mine......Laptop on a kitchen table, a great idea and a burning desire to succeed. Now that I have a proper office and a business address, I am reminded that some of you actually have a "place" of business.
If you are a business with a physical address and rely on people coming into your store. You should check out the Google Local Business Referrals Program. It will allow you to be found on the Google search engine when people search for your type of product or service. Most importantly, it is for people searching in a local or geographic area. And....ITS FREE!
As with most things with Google, there is a process. I have included a link for you to check it out. Hope you find it helpful! ... about.html

Best of Luck and.......GO GET IT!!!!!

googleguy8/15/2008 10:39 PM


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