Is there a market for one page website design?

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Is there a market for one page websites for small businesses that are in the startup phase of developing their own websites? A small business can create a simple site that includes basic info like contact info, store hours, logos, etc., for a lot less than a full out website that could cost thousands of dollars and months to create. Wouldnt it be smart to start a small basic site in order to get established in search engines like google and yahoo?


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    I tried offering this type of website a few years ago.  I promoted it purely face to face with small business owners I met at local chamber of commerce events and networking activities.  Although I found a lot of people that expressed an interest, I found only one willing to sign up.  And about two months later that business owner had a relative set up a more extensive website (about 5 pages) using one of the `free` template websites out there.  This seemed to be the trend - those business owners that are looking for something quick, cheap and simple can get their nephews and nieces to do it for them.
    I am interested in what other business owners think, though - perhaps I just didn`t promote it the right way...
    Good Luck!
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    I`m not really talking about websites more like a starter webpage. You know how you see those "site under construction" pages. Basically a custom branded under construction page that features some basic business info. I`m pretty sure thousands of new business sites would be thrilled to have a custom branded starter website page.
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