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Building Website Traffic 101

MartinGarciaMartinGarcia subscriber Posts: 4
Traffic Makes The Web Go Round!It also keeps your websites, marketing schemes, or affiliate
programs from  crashing and burning to the ground! This lens showcases the in`s
and out`s of learning how to increase your website traffic!
Words To Know: 
Get to understand a few keywords before you start!



  • starpointestarpointe subscriber Posts: 2
    CraigL,You`re right on.  Everyone knows that when you open too many programs on your home computer, it gets slow (sometimes VERY slow).  It`s because you`re using all the memory.  It`s similar with a website.  Somewhere there is a server computer that contains your website.  Every time someone visits your site, they`re actually visiting that computer.  Most web server computers have enough power to support the average website, but if your website starts to get REALLY popular, your visitors will either experience slow-loading pages, or they could even get an error.  At that point, it is time to increase the bandwidth of your hosting.  This basically means you`re paying a little extra to have your host allot more of the server`s power to your website.  Does that make sense?
  • efields24efields24 subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes that is very true about web traffic. Since this topic is about building web traffic I thought I`d add something. Writing articles is key, if you want to gain traffic and one way links for your site. The main thing many authors miss is submitting your articles to article directories is not enough. You must submit your articles to other webmasters for the full effect to take place.
  • HPSHPS subscriber Posts: 1
    It has been my experience that most site which are slow are poorly constructed and/or designed. Here are some examples of potential performance issues:* Over done or inappropriate use of flash * poorly written javascript* overdone and/or non-optimized imagery* invalid html/css* websites created in frontpage or any other wysiwyg Generally this is the cause of most sub par site performance. If your site suffers from not enough bandwidth....those are the best type of problems to have. Generally it can be fixed by moving to a dedicated server. Most hosts park many websites on a single server to keep costs down.Regards,HowardRegards,Howard
  • iamajoyous1iamajoyous1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi all,This topic is so confusing to me at this point (meaning, I know that I am near clarity and I`m really glad!). I read all over the place about writing articles, writing articles, writing articles. Well, what if one is just not a writer? Take me for instance, what in the world do I have to write about that would be of interest to anyone? I know how to make dance skirts, but I really don`t like the idea of giving away the secret of what I do so others can duplicate it and be direct competition for me. Is that a lousy way of looking at it? Maybe I`m missing something.Then there`s the subject of writing about topics related to my product. Ok, so dancewear is related to my product, dance, gift giving maybe. I wouldn`t even know where to begin writing. Isn`t article writing for writers? I`m a designer, that`s pretty much all I know and it`s just a talent that I have for basically coming up with ideas of putting styles and fabrics together. So, there it is. My state of confusion. What do I write about in order to drive traffic to my website, which by the way, is www.katchykids.com. I did write the "About Us" page and the "Welcome" page and I`m very proud of myself. I must say it took me hours of writing and re-writing it though.The next question I have is, when I finally do get a clear picture of what to write about, then I actually write it, then what? What is a webmaster and which one/ones do I send my article to? I started a Squidoo lens, have a topic, but don`t have a clue what to write about...yet. I know that I will. I know that I will figure out how to drive traffic to my website and that miraculous day will arrive when my first dance skirt gets ordered. I just know it.Thanks and can`t wait to hear from all.Joy
  • MartinGarciaMartinGarcia subscriber Posts: 4
    Exactly, thanks for that clarification Craig.
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I agree with every thing you said about content. I upgrade my site with new content every two days, but I also make it revent to my site and the products and services I am selling. It keeps my site comsistant. I also tell my clients the same thing make sure you have a core message about your company and build from there. Nothing says bad planning then a website with content from everywhere, but in the end says nothing and gets no sales.
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
     I agree, let you customer become a case study for you brings in business. I did that for a school and got a $40,000 deal from another school. Don`t be afraid to mention things like price and benefit. Let you customers know you can do the job at the right price.
  • davidnationdavidnation subscriber Posts: 0
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  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi All
    Less than 1% of my traffic comes from search engines.  95% of my traffic to my web pages come from traffic exchanges over 3,000,000 a year. I pay for most of it but its cheap.
    See my site trackers on my 100s of pages.
    See xtreme tracker at base of this page
  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    This is for Joy
    Joy you do not have to be a writer to write.
    Get help to learn about writing at Writingup.
    Joy See http://www.writingup.com/?referer=6406</A>
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  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
  • candyo0candyo0 subscriber Posts: 0
    You can make one of the most professional and eye-pleasing sites ever, but you will have lost precious time and effort if no one is viewing your page. If it is traffic that you want, you will want to try driving traffic using several different advertising tools.SEO is of the upmost importance when starting out. It is a source of countless "targeted" page views if done correctly, although how to do that correctly is another topic all together. There is a lot that goes with being successful in SEO, most sometimes will not try to utilize it. Even some of those who try to tackle it may not understand it well enough to make it work the way they want. So Beyond SEO What else do those who lack the information needed to run a successful SEO campaign have to use?It depends on your budget. Little to no budget? Consider free traffic exchanges, posting useful and informative responses on forums, exchanging links with webmasters who own like content websites, submitting to search engines, and writing articles. These are all great resources to use and most are free. If you have a budget, you can use the paid versions of traffic exchanges, google adsense, buying adspace on established websites.Paying produces quicker results, but its the free tools like writing articles and posting in forums that will be most affective, resulting in long lasting effects. Just keep in mind the more tools you use in your traffic gaining goals the more successful you will be.

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  • BomeyojBomeyoj subscriber Posts: 0
    great post and very informative it showcases the in's and out's of how to increase our website traffic,thanks for sharing this will credit this...
  • smithcharlottencsmithcharlottenc subscriber Posts: 0
    Writing articles is key, if you want to gain traffic and one way links for your site. The main thing many authors miss is submitting your articles to article directories is not enough. You must submit your articles to other webmasters for the full effect to take place.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Getting activity to your site is effortlessly the most troublesome piece of building something significant on the web. Extraordinary plan, innovation and substance aren't sufficient to draw in guests to your site or blog and keep them coming back.If you're attempting to expand movement to your site or blog, or in case you're simply beginning, this arrangement will give you an essential comprehension of activity building.
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