Skincare Business in Georgia

sgb8098sgb8098 Posts: 1subscriber
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I have had an idea /s to start my own skincare (bathsalt, lotion, ....) business. I have a generic business plan built. I don`t understand whether I need to have a resellers license or whether I may make my own items  and then resell other items?


  • flyemhighrocketsflyemhighrockets Posts: 1subscriber
    Yes I am also in georgia you will need a business liciense and a Tax ID number to resell your products.
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    You should incorporate your business with the Georgia Secretary of State.  Check out our website, we have a link to all 50 Secretary of States, including Georgia where you can register your business.   Also, given you may be creating your own skincare products, there are federal regulations you may be subject to given the ingredients, including manufacturer liabilities and warranties.
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