Getting Website to Showup in Search Results

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I really don`t know what it`s officially called, but I can somewhat explain what is happening.  I have a website (</A>), with keywords, meta tags, all the right stuff (I thought), but when I search on one of my keywords my website does not show up in the left-side results (where the other website show).  I don`t know why.  The website has been up for almost a year now - shouldn`t be show up by now?  I am puzzled.  What can I do?  Is it because I also have a Google campaign running for a specific page in the website?  Is my website poorly constructed?  I can`t figure out what is wrong and why this is happening - I publish new stuff for the site at least twice a week.  Can someone help me solve this mystery?  Thanks!


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    In three words or less it`s a "home candle business", but the purpose of the website is to "try" and get buy in from others. So what you are saying is that I need to development different websites for each entity of the business, that is fundrasing website, business website, sales website, etc.
    BTW - it`s not spelled in correctly.  I didn`t that on purpose - as a distinction.  Obviously, it`s not working along with everything else.  Thanks, but now I am more confused than ever - along with the possibility of more development.
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    Thanks!  I`ve seen that on the web.  That`s a huge subject, and everyone has a twist.  Maybe I should just use splash pages.
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    that should  read "did that one purpose". - the issues keep growing!
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