Looking for a Position with a Startup: Where should I look?

cmb3899cmb3899 Posts: 1subscriber
Greetings All.
I am looking for some advice. Where do you go to find employees? Is it all hiring through people that you know? Do you use Craigslist?
I love the energy of start-ups. I have worked at several in the past as a web developer and as a product manager and would like to do so again. I found my previous positions via networking.
This time around, I am interested in something that is environmentally focused in some way and haven`t learned of anything via people I know. I`ve also been thinking that I might like to do some telecommuting for the next few months, perhaps for a few companies as a way of getting my feet wet and exploring the various green opportunities out there.
Any suggestions?
Thank you very much in advance for the help. I`ve already started to use some advice of seen in other postings.


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