IP, Copyright and Protection of Rights.

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Hello guys, there is a lot of informaton out there, but its NEVER absolutely clear when it comes to certain "secrets" in business. I worked for Apple and I soon realised that they DO NOT actually make anything when it comes to mostly their "hardware" products, they have a supplier (or a series of suppliers), who make the products and for some reason (I need help UNDERSTANDING the reasoning or concept), that supplier will NOT sell to anyone else. I`m sure about this because I owned an MP3 player that looks and functions exactly like the iPod, before the iPod came out. Not to discredit Jobs or Apple as an organization, but I`m doing alot of research on the Chinese market and I`m uncovering alot of valuable info. Where I need help understanding is here. I have found a product in one of the  BRIC nations that is NOT being marketed abroad or on mainstream media. I think it would do really well here. Is there such a thing as Distribution rights or is there a way I can like DELL ensure that my supplier isnt selling the same product I`m marketing? Is this what they call Branding? Is there any Intellectual Property in any of these scenarios including mine? How can I get more info, because in this case Im not making anything I just want to market the product widely as Dell does.
I look foward to your input.


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