Facebook for Small business

TheRisingTideTheRisingTide Posts: 1subscriber
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I accidently posted to the wrong topic.
We`ve just launched a new social networking site.  A facebook for small business.  It`s called -



let us know what you think!



  • JmesJmes Posts: 4subscriber
    Indeed. I didn`t pass the first page because I was reluctant to wait more than 30 seconds for the snd page to load. You might want to reconsider the registration process to make it less time consuming
  • LrdwilliamsLrdwilliams Posts: 0subscriber
    I agree anything that speeds up the registration process will help. If people get frustrated with time consuming reg. processes they will loose interest and then you have lost them.
    L. WilliamsLrdwilliams1/8/2009 2:07 PM
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