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Start Feedback and Marketing Insights?

jmsPjmsP subscriber Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I am currently a college student working with fellow students and alums on a email collaboration tool called ccZen. We are currently in beta and so far have gotten little to no sign ups for beta users. We are mainly looking for users to get feedback on our service, so we can further improve our service. We have tried various things to get people to sign up, we have seen no results. I was wondering if I can can some insights and advice on how to attract potential users and feedback on ccZen as a whole.

Here is what I think is the issue:

1. Our website - I feel that the design of our website is unappealing and is scaring potential conversions away (we have developers working on another design and we hope t have that up as soon as possible.

2. Our pitch - I firmly believe that our group email service can truly help people collaborate better and more efficiently. However, the problem I have ran into is that I cannot easily pitch our service to people as it requires much explanation as to explaining how the service works. Simply put, it takes quite the amount of time to explain the service. Most people I have talked to have gotten lost when I verbally explain it to them.

3. The incentive - One of the major problems I have ran into is that there is no incentive for people to use our service. Sure, people think that it is a good service and idea but what is their incentive to using the service. As group email service, it is difficult to think of an incentive to convince people to try the product.

Our website and more information on ccZen can be found at cczen.com

Any type of feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help and insight!


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    RadioConsultantRadioConsultant subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    to point No2 namely the Pitch
    It is always a real challenge to explain something technical "verbally" even to insiders not mentioning an average user.
    So what about creating short presentations concentrating (only!) one key benefits your mailing system gives to its users / customers.
    When they see it useful for themselves they will ask questions and begin to interested in it. Whoa you have a lead...
    Prepare yourself to the potential questions, answer them as simple as you can: you are talking to an average person who is not as prepared in the theme as you are. This is the basic of every business presentation and B2C communication: know your audience!
    In the next step you can create specialized presentations and scripts for potential partners explaining them what exactly they can win with your system.
    Good luck,
    SIRSoft: Small business consulting http://www.sirsoftconsulting.com
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