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Marketing an intentionally bad product / idea?

GoogsGoogs subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Marketing
Hello everyone. I'm trying to do something a little different. I've created a website for a product that doesn't make much sense or have much use. The description of the product and it's uses is humorous. I'm not actually trying to sell the product itself, I mean you can buy it on the site. I'm trying to get people to view the website in hopes to eventually monetize it with advertising. The website is created and I'm currently in the process of finishing up a advertisement for the product that will go on youtube.

I've also created a blog that tracks these bad ideas and reports on revenue taken in from these sites. I'm focusing on trying to drive traffic to the blog, which should in turn drive traffic to the "bad product" sites. I'm running into issues trying to drive traffic. Does anyone have an good ideas on driving traffic to such a site?

I would include the names of the websites but I don't want to be viewed as a spammer since this is my first post.

Thank you,


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