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Marketing gumball machines.

CrabbyJoshCrabbyJosh subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Marketing
I have a gum ball machine business. How it works is, a business agrees to allow me to put a gum ball machine in their location. I collect the quarters and refill the gum balls monthly. They allow me to do this because 25% goes to charity.

My biggest hurdle is getting good locations to agree to have one in. Their are types of businesses that are almost a guaranteed success if you can get them to agree to have one. The problem is, I'm in competition with a bunch of other guys to land these locations.

So far, marketing has been completely out of the picture and I have to take the more direct approach and do sales. I just don't know of a way to make marketing work when nobody knows they want a gum ball machine. Nobody actually looks for these things as they don't solve a problem in the majority of businesses.

What I need is a clever way to market these things. If I had locations coming to me that wanted these, and I was cherry picking places that are likely to produce high profits, I'd be a millionaire in no time.

The default way to get these things placed is through sales though. I'm not sure marketing can compete with sales here.


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