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New Concept: Why I Failed

pmulhernpmulhern subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Business Planning
So recently I had an idea that of starting a site that would be kind of like inc.com or entrepreneur.com but focus exclusively on why a business's failed.

All content would be generated by entrepreneurs, real primary sources.
Two section headings, Why I Failed and What I'd do Different(for those entrepreneurs that didn't fail but want to share their story and experiences).

It would be static HTML and not too hard to build, each article would follow a format and be searchable by location, year founded, nature (fashion, tech, mobile app, etc)

It would be non-profit, but with the majority of businesses(even venture backed ones) failing I think it would be really interesting to learn from the business owners themselves what exactly went wrong.

What do you guys think of the concept? I can't gauge or estimate on how easy or difficult it would be to get contributors (minimum 100 words, basically 1 bullet point and then have it expanded a little) even if I made it easy for them to submit and easy on the small scale of how little they would have to write.

Thanks in advance.
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