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what is affiliate marketing?

binarynpixelbinarynpixel subscriber Posts: 40 Member
edited July 2013 in Marketing
Hello guys,
what is affiliate marketing? please share what is this and how is beneficial . please share your feedback.


  • bargainteesbargaintees subscriber Posts: 0
    affiliate marketing is a type of ecommerce business or you can say that it's a tool of ecommerce business.
  • leozen07leozen07 subscriber Posts: 0
    It is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. More you get from problogger.net.
  • MasBroMasBro subscriber Posts: 0
    For example...
    Say you have a dog training blog with a thousand monthly readers. You can "monetize" your blog (make money on it) by advertising a dog training book you like. Many banner ads sell affiliate products. If someone clicks on the banner ad, they'll be directed to Amazon to purchase the book and Amazon will pay you a small commission.
    There are many affiliate products. You can go to a site like Commission Junction and become a member. It's like a warehouse of thousands of products that you can sell online and get commission - everything from t-shirts to high-end private jet rentals. There are many categories, many help forums and many websites that host products. Affiliate marketing is a big business.
  • mark01mark01 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Guys well i think that affiliate marketing is a performance base marketing in which a businessrewards one or more associates for each customers brought by the affiliate marketer own promotion efforts.Thanks!!
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