Where's The Money in Electronics?

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My brother-in-law started a business a couple years ago as an Appliance Repair Man. He is doing very well for himself right now in a small town. This got me thinking, maybe I should start my own business too.

My skills and expertise are in many ways similar, and in some ways superior to my brother in law. My current job is as a broadcast technician. I can diagnose and repair circuit boards, I engineer simple circuits as needed. I can configure cisco equipment. I'm an expert with radio frequency. I can repair diesel generators. Overall, I'm a pretty good jack of all trades with expertise in electronics, rf and computers.

Some ideas I've had for starting a business include:
- FM Radio consultant / one-stop-shop for setting up a station
- Home/Office automation... perhaps designing my own bleeding-edge offerings

Now personally, I don't really enjoy working with computers. I can do it, I'm good at it, but I don't enjoy it. So the "IT" field is preferably avoided. I would like to offer a superior product in whatever field I go with. I guess my main question is, "What else is out there? What am I missing? Where's the money at?" If anybody else has some other good ideas about what I could do with my expertise, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =)
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