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Whats your first Impression?

cardinhamcardinham subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Website Critique
Hello all, my name is Steve, Designer for Cardinham | Killigrew. I create and designer soaps, lotions, shave creams, and shave balms in old-world euro- country chic style packaging.

I have had pretty good success. I am in about 10 retailers and do nice sales in gift shops, salons, spas and bed and breakfasts. My products are natural and specifically designed to exceed the finest brands. I even post my ingredients next to the best global brands.

My website is: http://www.cardinhamkilligrew.com - if anyone wants to offer advice, impressions, or feedback. Look forward to participating.

I specifically, would ask. When you open my pages and see the design, the fonts, the colors, the pictures, what is your impression? If you just happened across it would you be impressed and think it looks like great stuff, any suggestions? Anything that brings it down?



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    designleapdesignleap subscriber Posts: 1

    I congratulate you on your products, but for your website, it needs more work. On my first impression I didn't get the feeling of high end. Your product images seem high end, but your website doesn't show that. Your website looks like a scrapbook, not luxurious. I understand that your products are handcrafted and are premium quality. Your current website design devalues your product making your products look like a hobby. The photography looks good, but the images need to be all same size for consistency and either be bigger or have the option to zoom in. You're selling products and people will want to see up close. Show your products, not just packaging (Soap section doesn't show any soap).

    I agree about the comment from the other review on the font use and you really need a sophisticated/professional logo. Here's an article for you on having a professional design your business logo http://www.designleap.net/blog/2009/08/ ... -logo.html

    If you have any questions about my comments, feel free to respond or visit my website and fill out the contact form.

    All the best,

    - Yiana
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    AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    It's definitely too dark. The captions in left frame are hardly noticeable.
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    AnnyaAnnya subscriber Posts: 0
    The color features are bit dark try to use combinations like blue with white text. You will have to show your text. Dark color would not work for you.Fro grabbing traffic you need to use user friendly colors. For example if you have to show some services like environmental engineering services http://www.universalengineering.net/env ... gineering/ you can show it with blue, green as they represent environment.
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    jakepiercejakepierce subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Steve,

    Congratulations on your success with Cardinham | Killigrew. However, I must say that your website badly needs improvement. The typography needs improvement, the color selection isn't that nice too - too dark. I understand you are trying to put some vintage effects on your website but it's just too old-fashioned for me. You can still achieve that though. If you need some help on improving your website, feel free to let me know. By the way, your products seemed nice, I personally like your concept. It's just that you have to work on improving the design.
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