Starting A Business After 50

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I myself am not quite yet over 50, but I found the story of Carol Gardner from Zelda Wisdom to be truly inspiring. It just proves that no matter what life throws at you, you can still find a way to success. ... -after-50/


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    Given that by the time you're 50+ you have a lot more life experience, I would have thought it an ideal time to start a business.
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    I believe it's the succession and exit plans should at least be in place. Important since we don't know when we're 'checking out' from this world.
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    I know this is very old, but still wanted to point out that 50 is not the "end" of life or even close to it. People are living longer and longer. It's not odd at all for someone to reach 80 still in good shape and more than able to still run various types of businesses. Now, to clarify, if you are over 50, you may want to avoid starting physically demanding businesses (like landscaping, construction, ect..).
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    I totally agree with you Charlie. That is not the time to start a business using your "muscles" LOL. Build a business online and enjoy the fruits of you labor....."Residuals!"
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    This article seems helpful for this discussion! It's about how people in their 30s, 40s, 50s are actually proven to be more successful when it comes to starting a business.
    It's called A Study of 2.7 Million Startups Found the Ideal Age to Start a Business (and It's Much Older Than You Think) (it wont let me post link, just copy the italics into a search bar and it'll come up)

    Also, if you are thinking about starting a business, a super helpful website to check out is Hello Alice dot com!  (it wont let me post link again)

    Hello Alice dot com is specifically designed for helping women and underrepresented entrepreneurs by providing all the tools, info, and resources necessary to get their businesses off the ground. It's totally free and has literally everything one could possibly need to start a business from scratch. Would highly recommend!

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