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Forming a company with sub-division/trading names

LabnoLabno subscriber Posts: 4
edited May 2010 in Business Planning
Hello Guys,
I hope to start up a number of business` shortly and i want to form a company name Something LTD then have a number of sub divisions off that company operating various services/products.My question is when registering do i have to register all the sub divisions of my group company  seperate or can i just register my group name and all be contained, or will i just need to use a trading name as a front for my group name....Sorry for the confusion but if someone could clear this up! Thanks.Labno2007-2-13 8:29:12


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    ModJulieModJulie subscriber Posts: 1
    It may depend on your state filing requirements.  I have an LLC with several dba`s (doing business as) under the one LLC.  I had to register each.  The cost was relatively small, I think $50.
    You may check your state`s filing website to see what they require.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Labno, Yes your question was a little confusing but I get what you are trying to ask. First of all, Please before you venture into your own business and subdivisions, please make sure you Incorporate. So the answer to your question is: Yes you will have to register all your subdivions in the county registrar. So for example lets say you call your Corporation "Mycorporation LTD" your subdivions automatically become DBA`s to your corporation. So at the county registrar it would be filed as "MycorporationLTD" doing business as mycompany1, 2, 3,4,5 So yes they all have to be registered. Keep in mind registering your dba`s doesn`t mean you will have a different EIN for every single one of them it basically means all your dba`s will have the same EIN number, but each can have its own checking account and everything else that comes with owning the business.Let me give you an example of my company. The parent name of my company is: Hispanic Marketing Strategies Inc.I have three dba`s:1. Nuevolution Web Design and Consulting2. Nuevohost Business Hosting Solutions3. Cyber-Tech Plus Computer Repair and ServiceThey all have separate bank accounts, But they all share the same EIN.. This is true until you Incorporate one of your DBA`s (tooo much paper work though)When I filed at the registrar I had to By law advertise it on the newspaper for two weeks I believe. and I had to file for each DBA...On the same paper I think the difference is like 4 bucks here in CA for each additional DBA. Nuevolution2007-2-14 3:18:42
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    infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    That is definitely ok. Imagine Nike starting a new brand call Air 360. It does not mean that they need to have a division called that.
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