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Calling Online Retailers!

CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
edited February 2007 in Marketing
If you have an internet based retail operation, have you used Froogle?  What are the positives/negatives?  Has it improved your sales?  How hard was it to use?
As always, any input is greatly appreciated.


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    netstralogynetstralogy subscriber Posts: 1
    I have used froogle but it didnt work very well for me but maybe it`s just because I didnt do it right.  But I`m sure with careful planning, anyone could get it to work to your advantage.
    The main advantage to froogle is that it`s free so there`s nothing to lose if it doesnt work except your time building the product spreadsheet.  But once you have the spreadsheet, you`ll be able to modify it and use it on shopping.com and other online shopping sites.
    It`s worth a try. 
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    CaboBill - I think if you have an online store, you`d be crazy not to get listed at Froogle. I researched it tonight and it doesn`t appear too complicated to get the file ready and uploaded.
    R@keycon2007-1-13 23:11:17
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    tachiatachia subscriber Posts: 0
    Froogle was good at first, because you got a lot of customers. Since it`s free and I`m sure it competed with Googles Adwords they made it less noticeable at google.com. So now when customers visit Google, they have to actually look for Froogle and then search for products. As a retailer and a shopper, I sometimes forget to search Froogle.  I`m also sure that some customers (because of paid google advertising) get better ranking than others.  Before it was most recent upload was listed first. Now it doesn`t matter. Some compaines are alway s listed first.
    I still post and update.
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    Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    Froogle is great because its free.  But it is only a listing service.  You can try ecrater.  www.ecrater.com  they can provide you a free store front.  no cost at all, unless you want premium position.  I have a stand alone website, I also have a ecrater store.  Just one more place to list your products.   
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    Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I went to both froogle and ecrater they seem like great places to sell. I think I will explore this more. Thank for the tip
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