SEO for free for you

coffcoff subscriber Posts: 1
Hi there, I offer free SEO for your website. It will be my first serious SEO project, but be sure, I know what to do to get your website to better Google positions.
Little info about me : 15 years old ( I can´t do with my age anything )
                               I´m from Slovakia (Middle of Europe if you don´t know) 
                               I haven´t got any problems communicate with you in English 
                               I´am not id.ot
If you are interested in my services, check this :
-You will trust me and do what I write you to do (edit of title, meta tags, site structure , etc)
-Your page is coded in HTML
-You can edit source code and subpages of your web ( only edit, you don´t have to know about HTML
 anything). If you can´t edit it, you will have to give me permission (login to your hosting) and I don´t want to know your login, so only way is that you can edit source code of your web yourself
- You will take the time to communicate with me and doing SEO with me
- You are small company/startup
I hope I writed everthing I wanted to. If you have interest, write me private message.


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