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Staying consistent is key!

bortegaltdbortegaltd subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Thought Leadership
Hey all,
Brian here, and just wanted to talk about a very simple but incredibly important concept. CONSISTENCY is key! 
It's super easy to not get the results you want and start to slack off in whatever venture you want or get discouraged. That is a HUGE mistake! If you want to be successful in anything you MUST create a consistent daily/weekly work habit. On top of that, you have to make sure that you don't check results too early. Even if you don't see the fruits of your labor right away, you need to stay steady. Especially if you are already following a proven system of success, because that means that someone went before you to prove that whatever actions you are taking, WILL produce results as long as you stay consistent long enough. I've seen so many people fail or quit because they checked results too soon its not even funny. It's actually extremely unfortunate, because most people stop being consistent in their work habits RIGHT before they were about to achieve success.
Something that I have also noticed about being consistent is that the longer you stay consistent without getting any results, when the results finally do come, they come in that much bigger and more explosive. Think of like this, as you're doing your daily/weekly consistent activity to attain whatever success you desire, you're filling up a "metaphorical" water balloon. Now, you're taking more and more action but you're not seeing results, but, the balloon is still getting filled up. You now take even more consistent action, fighting through the the days, weeks, months staying mentally tough and not quitting. Then today, you go out and take more consistent action, and finally you pushed the balloon to its limits and it explodes releasing all that action/activity all at once and you get MASSIVE growth!!!
Are you willing to keep pushing forward even if you're not seeing immediate great results?
If you want to be successful and go all the way to the top, then you'll have to be willing to go through that if need be.
Thanks for your time guys!  
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