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Any Business Can Be Successful, if you believe in it!

MomentrepreneurMomentrepreneur subscriber Posts: 6 Member
edited June 2014 in Selecting a Business
I believe that the greatest success stories are from those who can basically turn any business into profitable and successful businesses regardless of what they are. There are some people who have the ability to "turn water into wine", and it's based on their belief systems. Sure you can become more successful if you choose to work on a business that suits your skills and talents, as well as a current industry need, but ultimately, if you do not belive in yoru business regardless of what it is, no one else will. You have to have the matching belief about what you are doing, and this works best if you choose a business you are passionate about. If you hate what you are doing, you will not become successful. If you choose a business that cheats peoples, you will not become successful. Choose a business that provdes a greater good in the world, and one that you love doing. 
That is why I started www.themomentrepreneurs.com, because i am passionate about helping more mothers become successful entrepreneurs. Sure I do not sell anything, but I believe that through my ability to help more mothers live the lives of their dreams, good things will happen.
"Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. " - Buddha


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    AnnyaAnnya subscriber Posts: 0
    I totally agree with you. I, myself was stuck about what business to start. Then with the help of my uncle i started a structural engineering http://www.universalengineering.net/str ... gineering/
    consultancy firm. With an architecture degree i also did a diploma to polish my skills in structural engineering. Now, i might not very successful but still i have 4 projects which itself is an achievement for me. If you want to do anything you can do it with hard work and dedication.
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    fleabitesfleabites subscriber Posts: 1
    I had the same problem as you Annya, but after considering many different ideas I finally found something I enjoyed AND was good at. This is more than 10 years ago now and I still feel confident that I chose the right path!
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