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Looking for small start-ups to join forces and help each other.

DishOut4CouplesDishOut4Couples subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2014 in Home-Based Businesses
My name is Beatriz, co-founder of:  http://makeyourlifeagame.com/ and http://dishout.us/ We are a small team of just 2 founders (my partner and I) with limited investment resources. We are not looking for investors or money as we would like to remain free and independent. Freedom comes with restrited budge, so we are looking for small and new born start-ups like us to join forces and help each other to get discovered and grow our respective business. http://blog.makeyourlifeagame.com/ is a blog about gamification or the use of game mechanics in non-game context in order to boost engagement. If you have a product which use game mechanics to improve people´s live, feel free to contact us for guess blogging. Ideally your product solves a problem for customers who love technology, from 25 to 50 years old , EEUU or Singapore. http://dishout.us/ is a gamified task-sharing app for couples and it will be lauched in May. Our app targets male and woman, from EEUU and Singapore, who are in a established relationship, who are busy, urban and practical but also like to play and have fun together. If you business target the same kind of people contact us to discuss marketing campaigns which can be benefitial for both of us. http://blog.dishout.us/ is our app blog and we talk mainly about ´quantified relationships´: Relationships big data, couples which work together, tips and relexions on doing chores as a couple. We have a fun and direct communication style. We are interested in: DishOut Press coverage: Product features and benefits + Dish Out story. Call to reporters! Guess blogging: We can write articles on working with your partner, how to manage chores to make your relationship happier, working and travelling (currently we live in Chiang Mai, Thailand but we have lived together in 4 countries before coming here), start-up as a couple, science of the brain in love, etc. Marketing actions (Ex. If you want to promote a product for couples, I can create a contest with your product as a prize, etc) Product feedback, reviews, etc More ideas are welcome! I hope to find like minded individuals and create win-win situations Thanks
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