How to deal with the angry customers!

PimwipaPimwipa Posts: 1subscriber
I've been working in hospitality industry for a while, and as everyone knows the key is just to make the customers happy. 
There was one experience I had when I was working in a fine-dining restaurant. A customer asked for a box to pack her leftover and then she dropped the whole plate on the floor. So she asked the waiter that the restaurant should cook that dish for her since she had dropped the entire dish. However, the manager refused to do so because it was not the restaurant's fault. The manager ended up fighting with the angry customer for 15 mins and had to make that dish for her(a smaller portion).
Even though the customer got the food she needed, she was still very mad at the first reaction of the manager and said that she wouldn't come back again.
So I need your valuable opinions on this. What should the manager do to make the situation better? or should she give the food or resist giving what the customer wants?  
Please share your experience. Thank you.


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