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Sales Challenges

MlouMlou subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Sales
Hey guys,
I'm in the process of starting a small business and I have a few questions to ask. I wasn't really sure where I could get these questions answered, so I figured I would try my luck here! 
My partner and I are in the process of starting a valet trash service. Which, if you don't already know, is essentially a door-to-door trash pick up service catering to apartment complexes. The concept is proven in other parts of the country, but seems to be absent in the regions surrounding me. Our target market will be owners/managers of apartment and other multi-family living complexes. With such a precise target market, I fear that I will have trouble getting the phone ringing. The marketing plan that we have thought up include only direct mailing and emailing, are there any marketing techniques you guy would recommend for such a small and precise target market? 
My experience is limited to human resources, where I had very little to do with marketing and sales, and my partner is basically just providing a money source for me and will be absent from the day to day operations, so the sales/marketing aspect of business will be new to me. Are there any sales/marketing challenges you guys can think will come with this type of business?
Any advice as all that you guys can give me will be GREATLY appreciated! 
Thanks a ton in advance! 
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