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Inbound Links, Unique Content, Meta Data..thats it..

bwdsbwds subscriber Posts: 4
1. Unique content on a page:
this must be content written by the business that is not found on other
websites or just been copied from them and placed wtihin your small
business website.
2. Inbound links from other sites:
these are text links that are pointing to your site from other sites
that are relevant to your business. Do not share a link back to their
site, it does nothing for your SEO and can actually hurt it. Think of a
link from another site to yours as a vote for your site.
3. The code on your site: this includes your URL String, Title Tag and your Meta Data.
NOTE: A Small Business Web Design with alot of Flash animation, although it looks cool, can hurt your rankings.


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    At the core these are the key things to remember bwds - the tactics are pretty readily available, but as with most things the trick comes down to the implementation.  Some will handle it better than others, some will search out the necessary knowledge and do it themselves, while some will make the decision to outsource the ongoing maintenance work involved.  That question is decidedly more important than individual tactics I`d say.
  • bwdsbwds subscriber Posts: 4
    I have learned alot of what I know from one of our great engineers Tansy Obryant who is amazing at keeping on top of the industry and trends within the search engines in reguards to SEO.Vincent, take a look at her blog if you want.www.seo-table.com
  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    I used to try to master SEO too. Then I realised that the more I tried the worse I ranked.So my secret recipe is: don`t try.Just do what you do best and make sure your marketing efforts are not too heavily reliant on the unpredictable rule-changing search engines.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Inbound connections are connections on other site pages that immediate clients and web crawlers to your website page. Inbound connections are otherwise called 'backlinks'.

    At first I felt that was a sensible response to the question, nonetheless, upon thoughtfulness I've turned out to be increasingly uncomfortable with it. The issue is, the greater part of the movement I prescribed should be possible viably and professionally, yet still give an absence of substantial esteem for the business being referred to. What's more, I propose that the issue concerns the equivocalness of the expression "novel substance"

    Metadata is "information [information] that gives data about other information". Three particular sorts of metadata exist: auxiliary metadata, distinct metadata, and regulatory metadata.
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Inbound links are links that come from other websites to your website.
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