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It's the Personality not the Pitch!

MomentrepreneurMomentrepreneur subscriber Posts: 6 Member
edited September 2016 in Elevator Pitches
I have found that regardless of how great of a pitch you have carefully crafted what tends to sell your business (idea, project, venture, etc...) is your personality. One can have the greatest pitch, but your personality is what tends to shine through that pitch. I've heard some amazing pitches, well rehearsed, perfectly crafted, but there tends to be a missing link, and that is the personality behind it. I am a true believer in the energy behind a pitch, and if i don't feel it, I won't buy it and I wont' invest in it. People focus on blowing their audience away with their pitch, but what they should focus on is their personality and the energy they put out with their pitch.
Any thought?
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  • KimpreneurKimpreneur subscriber Posts: 0
    Really great point! The personality behind the pitch is everything. Whether you're meeting a potential customer, pitching an investor or looking to expand your team, having a clear and concise elevator pitch is critical to attracting interest in your business.
    Your elevator pitch is a short overview of your business and products or services. It can be one of the simplest yet most powerful tools for a small business owner. Have you been struggling with your elevator pitch? Do you love your work but have trouble describing what you do in just a few words? Does your elevator pitch, well, just not sound like you? Not the real you, anyway.
    I found a great deal with a pitch coach to help refine your pitch for anyone, male or female, at any stage of business! http://www.mosaichub.com/marketplace/view/perfect-your-pitch
    Andy Winig is a true professional who will help you refine your pitch to help you knock it out of the park.
  • Startups4lifeStartups4life subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    This is such a good point, I totally agree although most people don't talk about personality when pitching nearly as much as they should
  • DavidKSDavidKS subscriber Posts: 13
    Is it really the personality that sells? We from Kaufsafari had quite a few pitches on our way to be supported and found that this is not all that true. Of course you need to keep the pitch in an elevator pitch level (everything in less than 5 minutes), but without something behind your gestures, story or personality they will tell you you are great, but buisiness is business.
    Of course there is the discrepancy between Americans and Germans. Selling a story and personality is always a big win, but we found that you also have to follow up with your idea, beliefs and of course your product/service.
    You do not necessarily need a course to do it. Go to your grandma, friends, neighbour and pitch them. Let them give you feedback and start all over again. The key factor: Allow them to be honest, not nice!
    We came to the conclusion, if you want your message, small, briefly, accessible and easy to understand, talk to people you are comfortable with and take that approach out there.
    Hope I could help :)
  • okuoku subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    @DavidKS I could be wrong, but I do believe personality is a factor. If one sounds passionate, and produces emotion, I believe they will be more successful in their pitch.

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